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A605, No.5 Bldg, BaiziYuan, Chaoyang, Beijing, 100124, China.





Company Profile

Far Asia Co., Ltd, a manufacturing, consulting, software making and trading company in China.

You will find trust, quality and satisfactory service here.

We are specialized in importing & exporting instruments, equipment etc. such as:

A. Exported products: 

Diving Equipments, Life Saving Equipment, Road Marking Machine, Pipeline Equipment, Slitter Line and High Frequency Pipe Mill Line, Plastic Extruder, Bag Making Machine, Glass Processing Equipment, Varied Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Thickness Tester, Coating Thickness Gauge, Portable Vibration Meter, Portable Roughness Tester, Flaw Detector, Infrared Thermometer, IR Imaging Camera, PH Meter, Pressure Gauge, Electric Connector, Fiber Patches etc.

B. Imported Products:

Gas Detector, Metal detector, Magnetometer (land & marine), Gravity Meter, Road Marking Machine (Line Marking Equipments), Flow Meter, Road Maintenance Vehicle, Bird Control System, Side Scan Sonar, Neutron Detector, Gauss Meter, Ash Meter (for Coal) etc.

The English version shows the products exported only.

Look forward to cooperating with you!

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