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DC Manual Arc Welding Power Source

PE-series DC manual arc-welding power source adopts IGBT inverter technology. They are widely applied to weld all metal structures in container (e.g.bolier) manufacturing, power plant metallurgy, chemical, aviation/aerospace and vehicle making industries. Suitable for all kinds of acid, basic and heat-resistant steal electrodes.

Main Functions



    ►Adjustable: arc force and welding current, etc

    ►Welding current can be preset precisely and displayed digitally

    ►With suitable carbon electrode, air carbon arc gouging can be undertaken

    ► High efficiency arc-striking

    ►Protective functions: overheat, over-current, under-voltage and power phase absence, etc


Technical Specifications


Model PE21-400 PE22-400 PE23-400 PE50-400
Rated input voltage 3-380 V ±(15-20) % 50-60Hz
Rated input current (A) 28 28 28  
Rated input power (KW) 17 17 17 14.4
No-Load voltage (V) 65-75 60-70 65-75 80
Current adjusting range (A) 10-420 15-400 15-400  
Arc force adjusting range (A) 0-200 25-200 0-200 26-410
Surge current adjusting range l2-2l2      
Duty cycle 60% 60% 60% 60%
Efficiency (η) 90% 90% 90% 90%
Power factor (cosФ) 0.93 0.93 0.93 0.93
Insulationi grade F F F F
Case protection grade IP21 IP21S IP23S IP21S
Dimensions (mm) 698×360×529 700×340×610 560×300×530 700×340×610
Net Weight (Kg) 42 39 36 36.5
Description The cable can be Lengthened.Be suitable for cellulose welding. Wireless/wire remote control is optional. Wireless/vire remote control is optional Plastic case. Wireless/Wire remote control is optional.
Two power character: dropping characleristic and slanting characteristic.


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