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Leeb hardness tester- TH132

Brief Introduction

  • Integrated Impact Device C for thin components: no cables!
  • Wide measuring range in HLC and direct display of converted hardness values in HB, HRB, HRC, HV, HS
  • For materials steel & cast steel and cold work tool steels
  • Simple handling and low test expenditure
  • Optional printer TA220S available

Measuring Range


Steel & cast steel 350~960 80~683 20.0~69.5 80~996 31.9~102
CWT.Steel 350~900   20.7~68.2 100~941  

Technical Specification


Standard Impact Device  C intergrated 
Hardness scales  HlD, HB. HRC. HRB . HRA. HV. HS .
Accuracy  6HLD (760+30HLD)
Memory  99 average  readings 
Output  RS 232 to printer 
Min. surface roughness of workpiece  0.4um(Ra )
Max. work piece hardness  960HLD 
Min. radius of workpiece(convex/concave) Rmin=50mm (with support ring Rmin=10mm
Min. workpiece weight  0.5~1.5kg on stable support 0.02-0.5kg with compact coupling 
Min. workpiece thickness coupled  1mm 
Min, thickness of hardness layers  0.2mm
Indentation depth  Impact Device data 
Continuous working time  8h 
Power  Recharfeable NIMH batteries 
Operating temperature  0-40
Overall dimensions  155*24*55mm
Weight  175g 

Standard Delivery

  • Main Unit integrated with Impact Device C
  • Test block with HLD value
  • Charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • Certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card
  • Carrying case

Optional Accessories

  • Support rings
  • Printer TA220S with cable


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