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Universal Cutter Grinder

Order No.: FA-40A


For high precision work and better efficiency, it is desirable to sharpen your cutters by cutter grinder than simply by hand. The FA-40B cutter grinder is specially designed for this purpose. Other than surface grinding the cutter grinder can sharpen any cutter to whatever shape you want your cutter to be. Highly efficient, save and easy to handle will surely solve the problem of sharpening cutters for you and thus improve your productivity.

Technical data


Standard Accessory

diameter of hold in collect

Max. 18 mm


Diamond Grinding Wheel 

1 pcs

Min. 1.5 mm


Magnifier (5X)

1 pcs

Range of grinding

Any angle



3 pcs

Driving Motor Power

220 V/ 280 W



1 set

Spindle speed

5600 r.p.m



1 pcs

Ginding wheel diameter

Φ 100 mm


Drive belt

1 pcs

Overall dimension

380 × 400 × 330 mm


Operating information

1 set

Net weight






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