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Leeb Hardness Tester - HLN-11A

Brief Introduction

  • Wide measuring range, for all metallic materials (see next page)
  • Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB,HS, HL
  • Conversion to tensile strength (U.T.S.)
  • Test at any angle, even upside down
  • Removable printer included
    Six Impact Devices are available for special applications (see page 8)
  • Large LCD display showing all functions and parameters
  • Battery low indication
  • New function of software calibration
  • Power charging indication on the keyboard LED
  • Fault distinguish in details (E1-E5)

Technical Specifications


Hardness Scale  HL. HRC. HRB. HV. HB. HS. 
Tensile Strength U.T.S.range  374~1999 Mpa
Accuracy 6HLD (760 30 HLD)enor of displayed value 6HLD (760 30HLD )repeatibity of displayed value 
Standard Impact Devices
Optional Impact  Devices DC/D +15/G/C/DL
Max. Workpiece Hardness  996HV (For Impact Device D/DC/DL/D+15C) 646HB (For Impact Device G )
MIN.Radius of workpiece (convex /cancove) Rmin=50mm (with suport ring Rmin=10mm
Min. Workpiece weight  2~5kg on stable support   0.05~2kg with compact coupling 
Min.Workpiece Thickness  5mm(Impact Device D/DC/DL/D+15 ) 1mm (Impact Device C)10mm (Impact Device G )
Min. Thickness of Hardness Layers  0.8MM
Power  Recharge  able batteries NiMH 5*1.2v 600mA 
Charging Time  3 hours 
Continuous Working Time  About 50h (without printing and backlight )
Operating Temperature  0~40
Relative Humidity  90%
Overall Dimensions  268*86*50mm
Weight  651g(including impact device and printer 

Measuring Range


Material  Hardness Scale  D/DC LD:170-900 D+15 LD+15:330~900 C LC: 350~960 DL LDL:560~950 G LG: 200~750
Steel & Steel Cast  HRC 20.3~68.4 19.3~67.9 20~69.5 20.6~68.2  
HRB 38.4~99.8     37~99.9 47.7~99.9
HB 81-654 80-638 80-683 81-646 90-646
HV 81-955 80-937 80-966 80-950  
HS 32.5-99.5 33.3-99.3 31.8-102.1 30.6-96.8  
CWT/ST  HRC 20.4-67.1 19.8-68.2 20.7-68.2    
HV 80-898 80-935 100-941    
C Alum  HB 19-164   23-210   32-168
HRB 23.8-84.6   22.7-85   23.8-85.5
NC Iron HB 131-387        
GC. Iron HB 93-334        
Brass HB 40-173        
HRB 13.5-95.3        
Bronze HB 60-290        
Copper HB 45-315        

Optional Device

Standard Delivery

  • Main unit with removable printer
  • Impact Device type D
  • Test block with HLD value
  • Charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • Table support for main unit
  • Certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card
  • Carrying case

Optional Accessories

Printing paper, Special Impact Devices, Support rings


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