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Portable Hardness Tester PHT-2005

Brief Introduction

The Leeb hardness number is the quotient of the impact body's rebound velocity divided by its impact velocity. An impact body with a spherical test tip made of tungsten carbide or diamond is propelled against the test surface by a spring and then rebounds. When the permanent magnet inside the impact body passes through a coil, it induces an electric voltage, which is proportional to its velocity.

  • HL, HRC, HRB, HS, HV, HB values can be measured
  • Integrated probe
  • RS232 interface link to PC
  • Data Memory. Automatically storing 510 groups of data with mean value & testing time
  • Measuring in All directions, easy operation
  • Large dotted LCD display with backlight
  • Date & Time display
  • Automatic power turn off after 5 minutes without use
  • Other impact device ( G, DC, D+15, C, E and DL) can be connected

Materials & measuring range


STEEL/CAST IRON 300-900 80-650 20-68 40-100 80-977 32-100
ALLOY TOOL STEEL 300-840   20-67   80-898  
STAINLESS STEEL 300-800 85-655 20-62 46-100 85-802  
GREY CAST IRON 360-660 93-334        
SPHEROIDAL IRON 400-660 131-387        
CAST ALUMINUM 180-560 30-159        
BRASS 200-540 40-173   13-95    
BRONZE 300-700 60-290        
WROUGHT COPPER ALLOYS 200-700 45-315        

Specifications of Impact Devices


Impact Devices D/DC/DL D+15 C G E
Application Range of compact device D Type for general pieces For measuring in grooves or recessed surfaces For measuring light and small piece and surface hardened layer For measuring heavy and rough cast & forged pieces For measuring large hardness piece & roll
DC type for hole or cylinder
DL type for long and narrow channel or hole
Impact Energy 11mJ 11mJ 2.7mJ 90mJ 11mJ
Mass of Impact body 5.5g/5.5g/7.3g 7.8g 3.0g 20g 5.5g
Hardness of spherical test tip 1600HV 1600HV 1600HV 1600HV 5000HV
Material of spherical test tip Tungsten carbide Tungsten carbide Tungsten carbide Tungsten carbide Diamond
Diameter of spherical test tip 3mm 3mm 3mm 5mm 3mm
Length of impact device 147/86/202mm 162mm 138mm 255mm 155mm
Diameter of impact device 20.5mm 20.5mm 20.5mm 30.5mm 20mm
Weight of impact device 75/50g 80g 75g 250g 80g
Max. hardness of work piece 940/950/950HV 940HV 1000HV 650HB 1200HV
Average surface roughness of the test piece Ra: 2μm Ra: 2μm Ra: 0.4μm Ra: 7μm Ra: 2μm
Min. Weight of test piece Direct Measuring >5kg >5kg >1.5kg >15kg >5kg
On Stable Support 2-5kg 2-5kg 0.5-1.5kg 5-15kg 2-5kg
With compact coupling 0.05-2kg 0.05-2kg 0.05-2kg 0.5-5kg 0.05-2kg
Min. thickness of test piece coupled 3mm 3mm 1mm 10mm 3mm
Min. thickness of layers 0.8mm 0.8mm 0.2mm 1.2mm 0.8mm
Size of Indentation of spherical test tip:
Hardness 300HV Indentation Diameter 0.54mm 0.54mm 0.38mm 1.03mm 0.54mm
Indentation Depth 24μm 24μm 12μm 53μm 24μm
Hardness 600HV Indentation Diameter 0.54mm 0.54mm 0.32mm 0.90mm 0.54mm
Indentation Depth 17μm 17μm 8μm 41μm 17μm
Hardness 800HV Indentation Diameter 0.35mm 0.35mm 0.35mm ­ 0.35mm
Indentation Depth 10μm 10μm 7μm   10μm


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