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Rockwell Hardness Tester TH300/301/310/320

  • Horizontal Protrudent nose design, Testing on surfaces difficult to reach
  • Testing internal surface of ring parts whose diameter is not less than 23mm (0.9")
  • Testing external surface of round bars whose diameter is not less than 3mm (0.12")
  • Automatic test process
  • High definition backlight LCD
  • Simple and easy selectable operation menu
  • RS-232/USB data output
  • Specifications

Rockwell Hardness Tester HR-150A

This tester is designed for use in measuring the Rockwell hardness of hard metal, non-ferrous metals. It is desired instrument for determining the hardness in the factories and scientific research institute and laboratories of college etc.


Measuring range 20-88HRA,20-100HRB,20-70HRC
Max. height of test piece 200mm
First test force 98.1N/10Kgf
Test force 588.4N/60Kgf,980.7N/100Kgf,1471N/150Kgf
Test force holding time 10 second
Hardness ruler A,B,C
Dimensions 466mm x 250mm x 618mm
Weight approx.80kg
Standard delivery  
Large flat anvil 1 pc
Small flat anvil 1 pc
V-notch anvil 1 pc
1/16 in. steel ball penetrator 1pc
Diamond cone penetrator 1 pc
Rockwell standardized block 5 pc


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