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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT110/TT120/TT130


TT110: Special measurement for steel at special price
TT120: Measurement under high temperature up to 300C
TT130: High resolution up to 0.01mm
5 optional probes

Typical Applications

TT110: Measure the thickness of steel. Fixed sound velocity: 5900m/S, the minimum indicating unit: 0.1mm
TT120: The functions of TT110 plus measurement under high temperature. The temperature of measuring object can be reached up to 300C.
TT130: When the measuring thickness is less than 100mm, the indication resolution will be 0.01mm.
Available Functions
Automatically calibrate the zero point.
Non-linear automatic compensation. Use computer software to correct the non-linear error of the probes.
Indication of coupling status and low voltage. Automatic shut down.



Display type:

4-digit LCD

Measuring Error:

+/- (1%H+0.1)mm (H is the actual thickness of measuring object)

Power supply:

1.5V AA alkaline cells (2pcs)





Standard delivery

Plastic case
Probe A and B for TT110/130, A, B and E for TT/120
Coupling agent
instruction manual

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