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Coating Thickness Gauge TT260

Product Information

  • 2 Measuring modes: continuous / single
  • 2 Shutdown modes: manual/automatic
  • Wide measuring range with 5 probes available (next page)
  • Direct testing mode and block statistics mode (APPL / BATCH)
  • Direct print out of statistical values
  • Dataview to connect with PC
  • 495 data can be stored

Technical specifications

Measuring range 0~1250Ám with standard probe F1 N1 (10000 mm max)
Probes available 5 probes available for F (ferrous: on steel / iron) and N (non-ferrous metals) 
Tolerance F1: ▒ ( 3%H+1) 
N1: ▒ ( 3%) H+1.5 
Resolution Alphanumeric with 4 large digits
Operation language English
Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS
Min. curvature radius conve x 3 mm, concave: 50 mm
Min. measuring area F1: ( standard probe) 
Min. substrate thickness type F1: 0.5 mm, type N1: 50 mm
Calibration Zero and foil calibration
Statistics Number of measurements, mean, standard deviation, maximum and minimum of 3000 readings
Data memory  495 measuring data
Limits Adjustable with acoustic alarm
Interface RS-232
Operating temperature 0 ~ 40░C
Power supply Nicd rechargeable batteries 1.25V
Dimensions 270 mm X 86 mm X 47 mm
Weight Approx. 530g

Standard Delivery

Main unit 1 pc
Probe F1 or N1 1 pc
Charger 1 pc
Calibration foils 1 pc
Pocket case 1 pc
Instruction manual 1 pc
TIME certificate 1 pc
Warranty card 1 pc
Carrying case 1 pc

Optional Accessories

Communication cable

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