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Vibration Pen Model VM-63


Our Model VM-63, Vibration Pen, can measure four kinds of vibration data, data holding and Auto-stop functions. It does not only measure vibration velocity, acceleration and displacement for analysis of vibration machinery, but also monitoring machinery vibration caused by imbalance, misalignment, gear & bearing faults etc. which is abide by ISO2372 & G/B2954 (National Standard of China).

  • Prompt testing of vibration on the workshop machines.

  • Holding tested value.

  • For quick checking of unbalance misalignment, bearings and gears.

  • Guard against mechanical malfunction.

  • Automatic switch off after 15 seconds

  • Specifications

Mini Vibration Meter Model VM-65

The Mini Vibration Meter, Model VM-65, can measure both two kinds of vibration data, which have two measuring ranges to choose that made it more accuracy. It has data holding and Auto-stop functions. It measures vibration velocity, acceleration and displacement for analysis of malfunction of machinery. It meets the standard of ISO2372 & G/B2954 (National Standard of China).

  • Holding tested value

  • Analysis acceleration, velocity and displacement

  • Portable, lightweight & accurate

  • Two display modes

  • Specifications

Portable Vibration Meter Model VM-508

The Portable Vibration Meter, Model VM-508, is a digital vibration meter that can measure three two kinds of vibration data: acceleration, velocity and displacement. It can also measure hi-frequency acceleration caused by malfunction of gear & bearings. It is an idea instrument for repair of equipments and diagnosis.

  • Measuring Vibration velocity, displacement and acceleration.

  • No other components required

  • Small size, transducer included with battery powered

  • 3 1/2 LCD digital display

  • Holding Function

  • True RSM measurement

  • Specifications

Handheld Vibration Meter Model VM-701

The Handheld Vibration Meter, Model VM-701, is a digital vibration meter that can measure three two kinds of vibration data: acceleration, velocity and displacement. It can also measure hi-frequency acceleration caused by malfunction of gear & bearings, such as turbulent, turbo, motor, ship and airplanes.

  • Using on site

  • Easy operation and easy to take

  • High accuracy & low consumption

  • Anti interference

  • 3 1/2 LCD display

  • Holding tested value for 1 minute

  • Specifications

Pocket Size Vibration Meter Model VM-P4C

  • The Pocket Size Vibration Meter, Model VM-P4C, is a traditional pointer vibration meter that can measure three kinds of data: Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement. It can also diagnosis the malfunction of machinery. Small size and lightweight made it possible an idea tool for Engineers or workers in workshop.

  • Specifications

Vibration Transducer Calibrator Model VM-3B

The model VM-3B, Vibration Transducer Calibrator, is a useful with capability of generate broad-band signal for system frequency response test. All accessories of Shaker can be mounted inside the portable housing of VM-3B that leaves no extra accessories to be carried during the field operation.

VM-3B utilizes advanced digital technology. The waveform was generated via a digital signal source which is precisely controlled by the internal clock of the digital circuitry. The result is a sine-wave with high accuracy in both waveform and frequency. VM-3b will calibrate sensors with frequency 10Hz, 20Hz, 40Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, 320Hz, 640Hz and 1280Hz.

VM-3B has all the accessories to meet your need. The accessories include linearity calibration kit for proximity probe transducer, dynamic calibration kit for proximity probe transducer.

  • Field calibration of vibration monitoring systems

  • Field calibration of both seismic and proximity probe sensors

  • Digital accuracy in frequency, waveform and display

  • Reading in acceleration, velocity and displacement until with English/Metric, Peak/RMS

  • Specification

Portable Vibration Gauge TV110

TV110 vibration analyzer is an extremely light and potable low cost instrument specifically designed for on site preventative maintenance in your plant or workshop. It measures overall vibration level. This easy to use instrument requires very little operator training. The integral/removable printer supplies a hard copy of results for interpretation by your engineering department. The TV110 offers accurate readings and easy operation.

  • Measurement of displacement: peak to peak value [mm]

  • Measurement of velocity: effective value rms [m/s]

  • Large memory of 100 results and 10 frequency spectrograms

  • Includes a hand-held accelerometer probe with a removable magnetic base

  • Rechargeable

  • Easy-to-read LCD display showing all functions, parameters, and spectrogram

  • Specifications

Portable Vibration Gauge TV200


Portable Vibration Gauge TV300

TV300 is an advanced vibration tester distinguished by its very high accuracy, wide measuring range and simplicity of operation.

  •  Ideal for acceleration, velocity, displacement, rotate speed, natural frequency.
  • Three display modes:
  •  A)Special show acceleration in peak, velocity in RMS and Displacement in peak-peak at the same time
  •  B) Common show one of the above three at one time, but font is bigger. Spectrum show Spectrum,charts.
  •  C) Status bar compares current data with previous data, warning limit, and alarm limit while working.
  •  LCD 320x 200pixels, LED backlight.
  •  Analyze. Auto function finds climaxes of spectrum. Manual function views spectrum by move cursor. Zoom function spreads the spectrum.
  •  One important parameter choosing from acceleration, velocity and displacement will be displayed in a striking position.
  •  Point index could be set to increment automatically.
  •  Language could be switched.
  •  Auto shutdown time is adjustable.
  •  LCD contrast is adjustable.
  •  Clock is adjustable, which could be printed out with the measure result.
  •  Large memory. 25 points and each has 72 historical data and one spectrum.
  •  Print data in numerical value or spectrum.
  •  RS232 data output.
  •  Li-battery could be charged anytime. Work 20 hours continuously. Charging time 12 hours.
  • Specifications


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