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Portable Infrared Thermometer PIT-3000 & PIT-3000L


PIT-3000 serial is a kind of handheld fast response infrared thermometer, which is non-contact and portable. It is designed for measuring high temperature. This thermometer has not only the functions of emissivity adjustment, F/C switch, backlight switch and optical sighing, but is also capable of getting and deleting current measuring values. Its features are large distance coefficient and wide measuring range. It is widely used for metallurgy, electric power, machinery industries, as well as for building material, plastic and chemical industries. Additionally, it could be used for scientific research.



MODEL PIT-3000 & PIT-3000L
Measuring Range  600℃-3000℃ (1112°F   -5432 °F   )
Measuring Accuracy  1% of reading±1℃
Measuring Distance 3-5 meters 
Distance Coefficient  100:01:00
Spectral Response  2.0μm-2.5μm
 Emissivity Adjustment Range  0.10-1.00
  Step 0.1
 Working Environment  Temperature 5℃-50℃ (41 °F   -122 °F   )
  Humidity  <85% (35℃uncondensable)
 Storage Condition Temperature -10℃-60℃ (14 °F   -140 °F   )
  Humidity  <60%
 Power  one 9V Battery 


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