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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector AS-4

  • AS-4 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a small portable detector, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, high-brightness selection rectangle , with a frequency bandwidth, high sensitivity, AC-DC dual-use, low power consumption, small size , light weight, reasonable structure, convenient operation and so on. The instrument performance is stable, reliable, applicable to all kinds of steel plate and forging weld testing, for mobility and high above the field, especially convenient. 

  • Specifications


Ultrasonic Flaw Detector TUD201

The digital ultrasonic flaw detector is an easy to use, tough and affordable. It can fast and accurately detect various defects (cracks, impurity, air holes, discontinuity) in the work piece with nondestructive method. It is widely used in laboratories and production field. TUD201 satisfies wide range of application such as inspection and quality control of manufacturing, welding, material processing and petrochemical industry. It is also used in safety check and life evaluation of aerospace industry, railway system and pressure vessels.

  • Easy to update and convenient to maintain

  • Large & bright EL display screen, brightness and adjustable

  • Manual or automatic creation of DAC curve with standard test block

  • Gate setting and alarm indication

  • Storage up to 100 A scan waveforms and 10000 thickness readings

  • RS232 interface

  • Waveform freezing and peak hold

  • Low battery warning on screen

  • Specifications

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector TUD210
  • Real-time multi-function system, stable, reliable and efficient operation

  • The embedded software can be online updated

  • Big memory of 400 A graph and 40000 thickness value

  • Super Fast sampling capability, RF wave full display, and minimum display range 2.5mm

  • Wide & high bright EL display screen

  • Alternative switch between single probe and double probe

  • DAC automatically creation with standard test block

  • Li battery, continue working time up to 6 Hrs

  • USB and RS232 interface

  • 3 offset adjustable DAC curve cater to various requirements of DAC in all walks of life

  • 400 independents flaw detection channel.

  • High speed sampling, radio frequency display with 80 MHz for sampling Min. display range 2.5mm

  • Specifications

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