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TES-1361C Datalogging Humidity/Temperature Meter


  • Instant performance of humidity measurement by precision thin-film capacity sensor
  • Dual display LCD / Clock
  • Compact, light weight & Simple operation
  • 7000 Record Data logging Capacity (Dual Reading)
  • RS-232 interface (software included)



Measurement Range  Humidity 10% 95%R.H. Temperature -20 C ..+ 60 C 4 F +140 F
Resolution  0.1% R.H. 0.1 ,  0.1 F
Accuracy  Humidity +/- 3%R.H. (at 25 C , 3095%R.H.)
Temperature +/- 0.8 C,  +/- 1.5 F
Sensor type  Humidity----------precision capacitance sensor
Temperature---semiconductor sensor
Response time  Humidity 45%R.H.--- 95%R.H. <= 3min
95%R.H.--- 45%R.H. <= 5min
Temperature 5 sec./10 C
Sampling rate  1 time per second
Record (Data logging)  7000 Point Data logger (Dual Data)
Operating temperature and humidity  0 C to 40 C,  below 80% R.H.
Storage temperature and humidity  -10 C to 60 C, below 70% R.H.
Power supply  006P 9V or IEC6F22,  NEDA 1604 battery
Battery life  Approx. 50hours (Alkaline)
Dimensions  270 (L) 68 (W) 25mm (H), 10.6"(L) 2.7"(W) 1"(H)
Weight  Approx. 200g,  (7.1oz)
Accessories  Instruction manual, Battery, Carry case, Software,
RS-232 cable, 9 Pin to 25 Pin gender changer.


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