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AZ-8701 / 8703 Hygro-thermometer


  • Model 8703 features Dew Point
  • Sensor: electronic capacitance polymer film
  • Condensation will not affect meter's accuracy
  • ℃ or ℉ unit switchable
  • Dual display temperature & humidity
  • The instrument's auto power off may be by passed for use during Min / Max applications over 20 minutes
  • Auto power off (20min), disable sleep mode
  • Max. / Min. memory from power on or last reset
  • The products complies with the requirement of C.D.89 / 336 / EEC and compliance of the standards: EN50081-1 / 1992, EN50082-1 / 1997



Temperature range Model 8701 (grey color body) -10~+50C (+14~+122F) Battery life  Typical 500 hrs
Model8703 (black color body) -20~+50C (-4~+122F)  Package Gift box, Battery, Manual
Accuracy  Relative Humidity  Weight  75g (Approx.)
Model: 8701 Model: 8703 Power  2 x 1.5V AAA battery 
5~95%RH 4%25C 0~100%RH3%25C Pocket size 16.5mm (H) x 48.52mm (W) x 170mm (L)
Response time Model: 8701, 80 seconds typical
Model: 8703, 60 seconds typical
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Last modified: 11/20/14