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AZ-8711 Hygro-thermometer


  • Max. / Min. memory storage
  • Easy switching between ℃ & ℉
  • Auto power off in 20 minutes with user disablement
  • R. H. sensing by capacitance polymer film sensor
  • Dual LCD display of Relative Humidity / Temp.
  • The products complies with the requirement of C.D.89 / 336 / EEC and compliance of the standards: EN50081-1 / 1992, EN50082-1 / 1997
  • RS 232 serial interface for capturing data directly on a personal computer
  • FORMAT: T xxx ℃, R. H. xxx%
  • Baud rate: 1200 bit / sec., Data Bit: 8, Stop Bit: 1
  • Applications: Wood & Furniture industry, Green Houses, Printing paper mills, Clean rooms Hospitals, HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Refrigeration) industry, Laboratories



Meter Size  181 x 71x 38mm (L x W x H) Accuracy  ±3%RH from 20~90% at 25°C
Resolution  RH 0.1%,  0.1°C RH% Sensor  Resistance polymer
Big LCD  1.2"x1.7" 3 1/2 digit 0.27" for temperature display. Optional accessory  1. Replacement probe for old or damaged probe (VZ170PAZ).
Probe  0.7"dia., 7.8"length with 3 feet extension cable.  2. Calibration Kit VZHR33AZ. VZHR75AZ checking meter's reading.
Supplied with  Hard case, Meter, Probe, 9Vbattery, Instruction manual. 3. RS232 output software & cable.
Battery low indicator.    


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