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AZ-8706 / 8706N Psychrometer for HVAC & R

8706N: thermo-hygrometer simultaneously display humidity & temperature

8706: digital sling psychrometer triple display wet blub & dew point or temperature


  • Micro processor-based design. A must device for HVAC engineers
  • No whirling the meter or refer to the chart need, easy to get Wet Bulb / Dry Bulb and Dew Point temperature quickly! (Model 8706)
  • ℃ or ℉ unit switchable, battery low indication, self-calibration available for longer life by salt solution
  • Fast response, high accuracy. Data Hold freezes the reading. Auto power off and disablement
  • Display resolution 0.1℃ or 0.1 ℉ of reading
  • Condensation will not affect meters' accuracy
  • Humidity sensor: Rotronic electronic capacitance type



Temp. range -20~+50C (- 4~+122F)  Extension cable length 116cm (with phone jack 2.5mm)
RH% range 0~100%RH Probe(with handle) 20cm (approx)
Wet blub range '-21.6~50.0C (-6.9~122 Package Gift box, Battery, Manual.
Dew point range -78.7~50.0C (-109.7~122F)  Power  2x1.5V AAA battery 
External temp. range -20~70C (- 4~158F)  Optional accessory External temp. probe VZ87P6 AZ
Accuracy  RH%: 3% at 25C  Humidity calibration salt solution (HR33, HR75)
Temperature: 1F (0.6C) Response time 60 seconds typical
Pocket size 24.7 (H) x 48.4 (W) x 178.5mm (L)


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