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TES-1353 Integrating Sound Level Meter (RS-232)


  • Wide linearity range of 100dB
  • 32000 Records Data logging function
  • RS-232 interface
  • Real time clock with calendar



Accuracy  +/-1.5dB (ref 94dB @1KHz)
Measurement item  SPL, Leq, SEL, MaxL, MinL
Measurement level  30dB to 130dB
Measurement frequency range  31.5 Hz to 8KHz
Frequency weight  A and C
Time weight  Fast and Slow, Impulse
Microphone  1/2 inch Electret condenser microphone 
Digital display  4 digit LCD , 0.1dB resolution, updated every 0.5s
Quasi-analog bar indicator  4-dB steps, 100dB display range, updated every 100ms
Display warning function overrange indicator underrange indicator  Displayed at the upper limit
Displayed at the lower limit
Analong AC / DC output  2Vrms ( at full scale ), 10mVDC / dB
Power supply  Four 1.5V LR-6/AA size alkaline cell, AC adapter
Battery life  about 28 hours
Operating temperature, humidity  5 ~ 40 °C, 10 ~ 90% RH
Dimensions  265 (L) x 72(W) x 21(H)mm,
( 10.4" L x 2.8" W x 0.8" H )
Weight  Approx. 380g
Accessories  Instruction manual, Battery, Carrying case, Adjustment screwdriver, Software, Wind shield, RS-232 connecting cable, 9 Pin to 25 Pin gender changer, 3.5 f plug
Optional accessories  Microphone extension cable, Tripod.,
Sound - Level Calibrator


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