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TES-1336A Datalogging Light Meter (RS-232)


  • Spectrum of photo sensor meets C.I.E. photopic curve V (l)
  • 16000 Records Data logging capacity
  • RS-232 interface (software included)
  • Measurement of luminous intensity (PC Software)



Measuring range 20/200/2000/20000 Lux, 20/200/2000/20000 Fc
Luminous intensity (cd) ntensity = illuminance x (length) 2
Length feet (Fc)
meter (Lux)
Resolution 0.01 Lux
Accuracy ±( 3% rdg + 5dgts )
(calibrated to standard incandescentlamp, 2856 K)
Overrang display OL
Record (Data logging) 16000 Point Data logger
Sensor Silicon photo diode
Sensor lead length 150cm (approx)
Sensor probe 100 (L) x 60 (W) x 27 (H) mm
Power source One 9V battery
Battery life 50hrs (approx)
Operating Storage Condition 0°C ~ 40°C ( 32 ~104 ) below 80% RH
 -10°C ~ 60 °C ( 14~140 ) below 70% RH
Dimensions 146 (L) x 70 (W) x 39(H) mm
Weight 300g (approx)
Accessories Carrying case, 9V battery, instruction manual, Software, RS-232 cable,  9 Pin to 25 Pin gender
changer screwdriver.


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