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Portable linear ultrasound scanner CTS-200

The SIUI CTS-200 is one of few "linear only" units to be developed with a digital scan converter to process all incoming signals. With a digital processor, not only is the incoming signal processed faster but less noise is introduced into the signal path. The images are cleaner,crisper than you have experienced, even in machines at many times the price.

CTS-200 is suitable to a wide range of examination of liver, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, pancreas, thyroid gland, breast, uterus, urinary bladder, OB/GYN, etc. It is a portable ultrasound scanner of high performance.

Main Specifications


ac Scanning System Linear Array 
2 Scanning Mode B,B/M, M,B+B Mode 
3 Probe Frequency 3.5MHz, 7.5MHz 
4 Electronic Focusing 4-step focusing with variable aperture 
5 Zooming ×1, ×1.5, ×2 as well as depth shift 
6 Image Processing Pre-processing, Correlation-processing, Interpolation 
7 Measuring & Calculation Distance, Area, Circumference, Heart Rate, Weeks of Pregnancy (with keyboard) 
8 Body Mark 6 kinds of probe mark display 
9 Display Mode Left/Right and Central 
10 Character Display ID, Date, Time, Frequency, Gain, Zoom, Focus, Comments (with keyboard), etc. 
11 Power Requirements 110V/220V, 50VA 

Main Specifications

  • Main Unit with Digital Scan Converter  1 Unit

  • 3.5MHz Linear Probe EZU-PL21 1 Pc

  • Alphanumeric Keyboard KB3 1 Pc

  • Accessories (Dust-proof Cover, Cables & Operation Manual)  1 Set


  • 7.5MHz Linear Probe EZU-PL23

  • 7.5MHz Transrectal Probe EUP-U23

  • 3.5MHz Biopsy Probe EUP-B11A

  • Sony Video Printer B/W UP-895

  • 9-inch Monitor

  • Trolley/Mobile Cart


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