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Portable linear ultrasound scanner CTS-285

The CTS-285 is designed for the diagnosis of liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, breast, uterus, bladder, ovary, etc. It is a portable versatile ultrasound scanner with convex and linear array scanning.


  • Portable, light-weight
  • High performance to price ratio
  • Cineloop
  • Probe frequency conversion option
  • Computer image communication
  • Various calculating function

Main Specifications


1 Appearance Portable, 5.5 inch high resolution monitor
2 Scanning Mode  Linear and Convex Scanning 
3 Display Mode B, B/M, M, B+B
4 Scanning Angel Max. 90°
5 Probe Frequency  2.5MHz to 10.0MHz,linear and convex, broad band, trifrequency 
6 Focusing Method  Multi-step focusing with variable aperture
7 Zooming  Multi zoom rate and depth shift 
8 Image Processing  Preprocessing, Correlation-processing, interpolation, Y correction, image reverse of right/left, up/down and positive/negative
9 Gray scale  256
10 Measurement & calculation functions  Distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, time, speed, heart rate, heart, heart functions, OB/GYN
11 Image annotation  display with many body marks and probe marks, image annotation

Main Specifications

  • Main unit with digital scan converter 1unit
  • 2.5MHz ~ 5.0MHz trifrequency convex probe 1pc
  • Accessories(dustproof cover, operation manual, cord)


  • Different probes such as linear, convex, vaginal and rectal probes
  • Sony Video Printer B/W UP895
  • Trolley/Mobile Cart
  • 10-inch Monitor
  • Image communication function and RS-232C interface
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