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Mobile Linear/ Convex Ultrasound Scanner CTS -310B

Product features

  • Full Digital Beam Forming (FDBF)
  • Realtime Continuous Dynamic Focusing (RCDF)
  • Realtime Dynamic Frequency Scanning (RDFS)
  • Realtime Dynamic Aperture (RDA)
  • Dynamic Realtime Apodization (DRA)
  • High-Density Beamforming Scanning (HDBS)

Tissue-specific Imaging Technology

To acquire ideal images based on specific characteristics of tissues.

High-frequency Sampling Technology

To deliver genuine images of the original organs

Unique Firmware Cine and Storage Function

With unique firmware storage, images recorded are presented faithfully without losing any frame. Six cine speeds are available.

Unique Firmware Upgrade Function

It adopts the most advanced FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to achieve signal processing. The logic function of FPGA is configured by configuration files, which can be upgraded directly, so as to upgrade the whole ultrasound signal digital processing. With one USB disk alone, the user can continuously, timely and conveniently access our latest research results in this regard, which include improving image quality, supporting more probes, adding new features and so on.

Abundant Software

The CTS-310B has a very wide range of clinical applications. Each application has complete analysis software, combining qualitative and quantitative, leading to more accurate diagnostic results inAbdomen, Urology, OB/GYN, Orthopedics, Peripheral Vascular and Cardiology.

User-friendly Settings

Unique High-Definition Zoom Function

When zooming the ROI, the user can double the acquired data, enabling higher tissue resolution and finer images.

PIP (Picture-in-Picture) Function

The user can zoom in any region of interest (ROI), while maintaining the original diagnostic image for reference, to observe the zoom-in part clearly, thus diagnostic efficiency is improved.

User-defined Function Key

The user can assign a frequently-used function (e.g. BPD) on a certain key (e.g. F1), so as to address doctors’ preferential clinical demands.

Smart Tracing Function

When measuring area or circumference, if the trace is not good, press Backspace to return to the proper place and then continue tracing.

Probe Auto Freeze Function

Time can be set to freeze the probe automatically, so as to extend the service life of probes effectively.

Screen Saver Function

  • To extend the service life of the special medical monitor.

  • Complete M-Mode Function

Editable screen layout for B-mode and M-mode

Up/down or left/right display for selection.

M-mode Display Method: Progressive/Refresh for selection

2560-second super large capacity for M-mode cine, with quick positioning function.

Powerful Document Management System

  • Large Capacity Cine

  • Storage Media: hard disk, USB disk and CD-RW.

  • Quick Image Storage and Recall Function

  • DICOM Network Consultation Function

  • Off-line Diagnostic Function

  • Chinese/English Operation Interface and Input Method for selection

High-Density Broadband Five-frequency Probes

The system is configured with high density broadband multi-frequency probes. Probe frequency can be switched quickly by pressing one console button only, enabling doctors to select the right frequency for specific diagnosis and patients. Image resolution and penetration is significantly optimized.


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