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Mobile Linear/ Convex Ultrasound Scanner CTS -415 PLUS

CTS-415 PLUS is a premium digital B/W ultrasound system with outstanding images and powerful application functions. It meets all your clinical requirements on black and white ultrasound examinations

Product features

  • Full digital imaging technology

  • Super broadband, multi-frequency , high density probes available group

  • Strong image and file management

  • Systems preset function

  • Large capacity cineloop

1. Advanced imaging technology

Imaging technologies such as digital beam forming, real-time continuous dynamic focusing, real-time dynamic aperture, dynamic apodization, dynamic filtering and dynamic frequency scanning show fine tissue structure

2. Image and file management system

3. High density, super broadband and multi-frequency probes

A variety of probes including convex, micro-convex, linear, vaginal, rectal probes and powerful imaging functions enable wide applications in cardiology, abdomen, small parts, pediatrics and OB/GYN.

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