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Sancai Tile


Traditional method with modern painting!

Elegant picture with skilled handcraft!!!

Inherited & developed from Tri-colored glazed pottery of Tang Dynasty (618-907), our Ceramic Tile is produced one piece by one piece with artistic integrity.

The hand painted Ceramic Tile is also called Sancai Murals, which can be used for either indoor decoration, such as meeting room, lobby, waiting room, banquet as well as bed room etc. or outdoor refurbishment.

The tri-colour glazed pottery in the Tang style is a Chinese art that dates back 1,300 years. It is so named because it has red, green and white all on one object. Those produced in Luoyang, Henan Province are the best known in China. Prior to the Tang Dynasty pottery could only be produced in a single colour.

Tri-color glazed pottery was valued for its integration of the national style along with a distinct local flavour. The artists skillfully combine molding with exquisite lines that are pleasing to the eye. In the glazing process, the different colours are dissolved together in low heat, so that they blend just right, producing a fine multifarious effect.

The tri-colour Tang pottery, continuously improved through the centuries, has now been developed even further and its varieties have reached several hundred. The once tri-colour glaze has grown to include yellow, purple, black and blue while the artistic quality has also been raised.

The clay of Luoyang excels in viscosity, purity and pliancy while it is at the same time surprisingly hard and strong. It is superb for making pottery.

We can also customize any of your paintings & ideas with ceramic tiles.

Order Number

4"X4" (100mmX100mm)

YY1010A1    YY1010A2

YY1010A3    YY1010A4

YY1010B1    YY1010B2

YY1010B3    YY1010B4

YY1010C1    YY1010C2

YY1010C3    YY1010C4

YY1010D1    YY1010D2

YY1010D3    YY1010D4

YY1010E1    YY1010E2

YY1010E3    YY1010E4

YY1010F1    YY1010F2

YY1010F3    YY1010F4

YY1010G1    YY1010G2

YY1010G3    YY1010G4

YY1010H1    YY1010H2

YY1010H3    YY1010H4

YY1010I1    YY1010I2

YY1010I3    YY1010I4


8"X8" (200mmX200mm)

YY202001 YY202002 YY202003 YY202004 YY202005  
YY202006 YY202007 YY202008 YY202009 YY202010  
YY202011 YY202012 YY202013 YY202014 YY202015  
YY202016 YY202017 YY202018 YY202019 YY202020  
YY202021 YY202022 YY202023 YY202024 YY202025  
YY202026 YY202027 YY202028 YY202029 YY202030  


12"X12" (300mmX300mm)

YY303001 YY303002 YY303003 YY303004  
YY303005 YY303006 YY303007 YY303008  
YY303009 YY303010 YY303011 YY303012  
YY303013 YY303014 YY303015 YY303016  
YY303017 YY303018 YY303019 YY303020  
YY303021 YY303022 YY303023 YY303024  


12"X16" (300mmX400mm)

YY304001 YY304002 YY304003  
YY304004 YY304005 YY304006  
YY304007 YY304008 YY304009  
YY304010 YY304011 YY304012  
YY304013 YY304014 YY304015  
YY304016 YY304017 YY304018  
YY304019 YY304020 YY304021  
YY304022 YY304023 YY304024  


16"X12" (400mmX300mm)

YY304027 YY304028 YY304029 YY304030  
YY304031 YY304032 YY304033 YY304034  
YY304035 YY304036 YY304037 YY304038  
YY304039 YY304040 YY304041 YY304042  


6"X16" (150mmX400mm)

YY154001 YY154002 YY154003 YY154004 YY154005 YY154006    
YY154007 YY154008 YY154009 YY154010 YY154011 YY154012    
YY154013 YY154014 YY154015 YY154016 YY154017 YY154018    
YY154019 YY154020 YY154021 YY154022 YY154023 YY154024    
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