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Highly Refined IR Thermography Camera FAWH928+







Features and Benefits

  • Rugged and durable
    User- friendly controls, extremely light weight and ease for carry enable maintenance professionals to use the camera several hours a day. Withstanding shock and vibration and carrying the IP 54 industrial rating, it is suitable for inspection in harsh environment.

  • Intuitive user interface & easy operation
    Three direct access buttons, a joystick and a Windows style menu, easily trigger all the functions and allow point-and-shoot operation.

  • Efficient thermal and visual imaging
    With a thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C, the camera detects and captures extremely small temperature differences in high-resolution, noise-free 16-bit thermal images. Sharp digital visual images provided by the built-in visual camera enhance the efficiency more.

Technical Specifications



Imaging Performance
Detector type: Uncooled FPA Microbolometer (320× 240 pixels, 45μm) 
Spectral Range:  8-14μm
Field of View:  21°× 15°
Image Frequency:  50Hz PAL/ 60Hz NTSC, non-interlaced
Thermal Sensitivity:  0.08°С at 30°С
Electronic Zoom: ×2, ×4 interpolating
Built- in Digital Video: CMOS Sensor, 640 x 480 pixels, 224 colors
Image Presentation
External Display:  4″ high resolution color LCD (TFT) 
Viewfinder 0.25″ built-in high resolution color LCD (TFT)
Video Output:  PAL/ NTSC, composite video
Temperature Range:  -20 °C- +500°C (up to +1500°С optional)
Accuracy:  ±1°С or ±1% of reading 
Measurement Modes: Spot / manual (up to 4 moveable), spot / automatic placement at max, area (up to 4 moveable) displaying either max, min, or average, isotherm, line profile, auto alarm
Measurement Features:  Automatic correction based on user input for emissivity, reflected ambient temperature, distance, relative humidity, atmospheric transmission and external optics image storage
Image Storage
Type:  Removable 256MB Compact Flash Memory card 
File Format: IRI (An individual file consists of infrared image, visual image and voice annotation if any)
Voice Annotation:  Variant for different files, up to 8 seconds per file
Laser Locator
Classification Type:  Class 2 semiconductor laser
Power System
Battery Type:  Rechargeable Li-ion Camcorder battery, field- replaceable
Battery Operating Time: Over 3 hours continuous operation
External Power
Operation: AC adapter 110/ 220 VAC, 50/ 60Hz
Environmental Specification
Operating Temperature:  -20°С- +60°С 
Storage Temperature: -20°С- +60°С 
Humidity:  Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non- condensing
Encapsulation: IP54 IEC 529 housing
Shock:  Operational: 25G, IEC 68-2-29
Vibration:  Operational: 2G, IEC 68-2-6
Remote Control:   RS232 serial communication
Live Video Transmission (Optional): Up to 750m to a remote monitor
Physical Characteristics
Weight: 1.6Kg (including battery)
Size: 148mm×104mm× 108mm (Standard Model)
Tripod Mounting: 1/4″- 20


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