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Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge


We adopt corrosion-resistant stainless steel and alloy for spare parts of the series of pressure gauges to make them have better corrosion-resistant performance. The gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, machinery, power and foodstuff industries to directly measure the pressure of corrosive gas and liquid without crystallization. Details


Shock-proof Pressure Gauge


The pressure gauges have better performance resisting shock, especially suitable for working environment with mechanical shock and medium pulsation. The gauges are used to measure the pressure of liquid, gas and vapor without explosion danger, crystallization, solidification, or corrosion on Cu alloy. Details


Diaphragm Pressure Gauges


Diaphragm pressure gauge is composed of diaphragm separation device and pressure gauge matched. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medicine, foodstuff, and papermaking industries to measure the pressure of liquid media with strong corrosion, high viscosity, easy crystallization or solid granule.

Shock-proof pressure gauge is adopted as matched gauge head of shock-proof diaphragm pressure gauge, which avoids the effect of medium pulsation and environment shock and results in stable and reliable indication and improvement of life expectancy of the gauge. Details

Spacer Type Pressure Gauge

& Corrosion-resistant Spacer Type Pressure Gauge

YP type Spacer pressure gauge is used to measure pressure or pressure loading of liquid, gas, and other media without corrosion on metal such as steel, copper, and so on. VPF type spacer pressure gauge is used to measure pressure or pressure loading of corrosive liquid, gas, and other media.

Structure: Spacer pressure gauge consists of 4 parts including spacer part, gauge core part, dial part and shell connection part.

Theory: The spacer is strength component of the gauge. When pressure of tested medium has its effect on the spacer, which results in spacer shift. Through operation of core part and dial part, tested pressure could be clearly indicated on the dial. Details

Electric Contact Pressure Gauge


The series of electric contact pressure gauges are suitable with the same working condition as general pressure gauges. Matched with relevant electric components, they could be used to transmit pressure signal of tested media and conduct automatic system control.

YXC series gauges have advantages including high reliability and big contact power.

YXN series gauges are suitable for environment with mechanical shock and media pulsation; they have better performance resisting shock. Details






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