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3.3 CXCH Series


²  Soldering termination

²  Applications: severe environment

Ordering Information

Basic series CXCH 14 T 4 K P1 (W)
CXCH-wire spring soldering connector for marine
Shell size 14-18-22-24-27-30-33-36-39
F-square flange receptacle
Contact No.  1~62  (see the layout figure)
Contact type 
Z-pin, silver plating         Z1-pin, gold plating
K-socket, silver plating      K1-socket, gold plating
Plating and back shell
  Omit: non-thread termination, black anodized
  DI : non-thread termination, electroless nickel plating
  D3: non-thread termination, olive green zinc plating
  D40: non-thread termination, stainless steel passive
  E- thread termination, with back shell, black anodized
  PI - thread termination, with back shell, electroless nickel plating
  P3- thread termination, with back shell, olive green zinc plating
  P40- thread termination, with back shell, stainless steel passive
N- omit  W-W, X-X, Y-Y, Z-Z
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