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Water Jetting Machine

1. HEAD1010BA Cutting Table
Structural style Bridge style
X and Y axis Travel 1000mm×1500mm
Z-axis Travel 150mm
Control accuracy ±0.01mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Servo motor specification 750W
moving speed.Max. 6000mm/min


Cutting Head 5-Axis
Way of Drive AC Servo
Servo System YASKAWA Servo Motor
Linear guide SKF
Ball Screw TBI
Nozzle and Orifice America
Environmental Temp. 2-40 °C
Atmosphere Pressure 86Kpa~106Kpa
Dust Concentration
X, Y-Axis Structure
Water Tank Stainless steel
Working noise 85dB
Machine location Separated showing room

The automatic protective door can be automatically or manually opened during feeding.
When cutting, automatic protective door can be manually or automatically closed according to the program.
Protective door can effectively protect the water spray and ensure the safety of external operators.
The front is equipped with a visual observation window. Observe the cutting state of the workpiece.


2. HEAD42037Z Intensifier Pump
Max discharge of SERVO oil pump 104L/min
Max water discharge 3.7L/min
Max available orifice diameter: 0.33mm
Max pressure: 420Mpa
Continuous working pressure: 360-380MPa
Main motor power: 37KW(50HP)
Power supply: 220V/50HZ
Max.oil pressure: 20Mpa
Length/width/height: 1530×1230×1065
Weight: 1140KG

Intensifier made in USA
Main Motor Siemens-beide
Hydraulic Pump Liyuan/Rexroth
PLC Omron
Heat Exchanger Water/Oil panel cooler
Control System LP/HP auto control
Temperature Display Digital Temperature Display
Shock Absorber Four corners of the motor
Directional Valve Taiwan YUKEN
Accumulator Volume 1L
Low Pressure Filter 10um
Cutting Water Inlet Pressure 0.5Mpa
Cooling Water Inlet Pressure 0.3Mpa
High Pressure Outlet Connections M16 x1.5
Oil level and oil temperature sensor Standard Components


3. Main Characteristics of CNC System
Professional Industrial PC
19 Inch LCD Monitor
Support DXF and NC code file
Forward and backward processing function
Even pace control function
Partial and smooth processing modes
Small arcs speed auto processing function
Circle processing function
Coordinate memory retention function
Double increase and decrease speed data function

4. Auto Abrasive Delivery System
Max. Inlet Air Pressure 0.6Mpa
Min. Inlet Air Pressure 0.2Mpa
Abrasive Capacity 225Kg
Min. Inlet Air Flow 0.028 m3/min
Operating Air Flow 0.005 m3/min
Self-feeding Control
Air Valve to prevent jams and breakages
Self sealing

5. Deionization system
Professional deionization system for water jet use.
Remove the calcium and magnesium ion, can improve the useful life of HP seals, orifice.
The outlet water amount can be 2 ton/hour,can supply more than one machin
Simple structure and reliable sealing, reasonable design of the flow
Single tank control valve,no water pass the valve in washing.

6. Oil chiller
Prevent the deterioration of oil quality due to high temperature, oil viscosity to maintain the
same, so that the work of mechanical stability.

User can set the oil temperature according to body temperature, to prevent mechanical
deformation of the structure.
Oil cooling temperature control device is keep from contamination, from cutting metal powder
interference, clean and simple.

7. Abrasive removal system
Abrasive suction pump power supply: 220V 50HZ
Abrasive suction pump power:075W
Diameter: 500mm
Thickness of high tube: 5mm
Height: 1.2m
Abrasive removal capacity: 75L
Automatic abrasive remover can automatically remove the used abrasive from water tank .
No need forklift. It can make maximize savings in manpower and extend the usage life for equipment.
No need remove the tubes. Maximum keeping the cutting environment clean.

8. Air compressor
Air compressors are devices that compress gas
The choice of air compressor is mainly based on the working pressure and flow of the pneumatic system.
Main body of the air supply unit, is a device that converts the mechanical energy of a prime mover (usually a motor) into gas pressure energy

9. AB 5 axis
1. The use of AB axis structure realizes CNC five-axis linkage.
2. Imported reducer, fewer parts, simple and beautiful structure, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to maintain.
3. Inclined cutting at any angle of the cutter head eliminates the phenomenon of large bottom surface. The frontal collage gap needed to make the stone mosaic is smaller and can be tiled directly without grinding, which effectively reduces the production cost.
4. During the cutting process, the dip angle is automatically adjusted according to the change of the pattern, and the cutting effect is very perfect.

10.AC 5 axis
HEAD 5AXIS -AC cutting head system is designed to meet the higher requirements of customers cutting.
Units HEAD waterjet, with the new 5-axis head, with the highest accuracy possible to produce chamfering and voluminous cuts. Popularly used for cutting blades, rotor, an arc surface, and other complex surfaces gradients
HEAD 5AXIS-AC cutting head system, accept the original design, a smaller volume, light weight of the head, which enables movement in all directions of rotation up to 75 degrees.
Angle up to 45 degrees, to meet the increasingly complex requirements of customers cutting.
Accept harmonic gearbox and servo motor YASKAWA, the smaller volume and high accuracy



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